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The Front Row Group is a unique global communications and sales group founded to support clients requiring the highest level of services. Building relationships is one of the cornerstones of The Front Row Group, we have been committed to providing our clients the individually tailored services needed to prosper and develop as global brands and industry forces.


The group has grown to an expansive repertoire of services, and a distinguished client portfolio that spans fashion, beauty and wellness, art, home and design, lifestyle brands, travel and hospitality, food and beverage, technology as well as corporate, media, civic and philanthropic concerns and consumer goods.


Our executive roster provides decades of experience and deep relationships in the fashion, beauty, design, retail, music, film, journalism, publishing and automotive industries. We take pride in our approach because it allows us to not only focus on our clients needs, expectations and goals, but to also understand and expand them globally.

At The Front Row Group we pride ourselves on versatility and vision believing in our clients present as well as their future. Our mission is to help them grow and that will always be in style.

As policy, The Front Row Group does not publish its client roster.
Please contact us if any additional information is needed.


 Public Relations

      Brand Positioning

      Partnership Marketing

      Digital & Social Media

                    VIP Services


Corporate Communications

Reputation Management

Event Production

Influencers Campaigns

Talent Management

Sales Showroom



General Inquiries

New Business Inquiries

Career Opportunities & Internships

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